Day 0

Our travel was good, but it was a surprise that it's not longer allowed to take golfbags for free. For many years we pretended to be sportsmen in order to avoid higg costs. Golfbags are perfectly suited for antennas. It will cost now 400 euro extra...
Yesterday evening we landed at Entebbe airport and collected all luggage.
After a long journey we did sleep a few hours.

Today we collected our licence in downtown Kampala with different kind of trasportation such as Mutatu (a 8 person mini van loaded with 15 perons a goat an 2 chickens) and a mortortaxi.
After a luch with 5X1D we arranged internetpossibilities.

Our QTH has some obstructions at moonrise and moonset, we try to make the best of it.
We keep you informed


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