Day0, NEXT

Our travel was 'a bit different', the plane at Frankfurt had a technical problem and we where afraid to miss our connection flight in Ethiopia, we had only 2 hours connection time.
After 2 hours delay we started the flight to Etiopia via a short stop in Sudan, during the flight Hermann talked to the pilot and showed him the licence DL2NUD and pilot was at the flight DLH9?? (i forgot the numbers) so the pilot asked the other plane to wait for us.
After some time he came back with a print, it seems a kind of telex, that DL2NUD was welcome and the keep the plane at the ground, that time we where moved to Business Class as we could leave the plane quickly (but no bubbles or smokes salmon for us)
2215 we landed at and 2200 was bording of the next flight, we got a escort to the plane.
Via Uganda we did fligh to Rwanda in 4 hours, the last part was a bit more relexing adn we did arrive at 0140 local.

After a short sleep Rene was aware his phone was missing, lets hope the person who find it did not call to much
Today we collected our licence in downtown Kigali and we will use 9X0EME

We started building the 144 MHz setup, after late lunch it was to hot, time to catch some sleep because it could be a long night.
Yes its possible we are ready outside before dark, then we have some time to do some job inside.
Our QTH has some obstructions at moonrise but moonset look good.

The moment i write this mail we dont have electricity, so we ordered a generator. They will install it quickly


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