PA3CEE - Eltje Veen

My name is Eltje Veen and I'm a ham since 1978 at the age of seventeen. My main interest is VHF and weak signal communication, especially WSJT. To get extremely faint signals out of the noise is my biggest thrill. Not being a big gun the most important thing for me is to grab and use the challenge of digital communication in a way to get contacts all over the world.
EME is for me the biggest challenge in the radio hobby. Being able to work stations with minor antennas or ERP than myself gives a lot of satisfaction, not to mention the most!
I've worked 116 DXCC up till now. Last year I got my DXCC (#40) om 2 Meters. In order to contribute my share to the EME-community I was QRV as 5Z4EME in 2009. Now it's time to pay back and give the fellow hams a new entity.

Experience PE1FMG/DC (1980), PAĜOOM/SM1 (1983), GUĜ/PA3CEE (1985), PA6VHF, PA6DX, 5Z4EME, PI4EME and PI9CAM

Other expeditions