Day 2

The second day, May 15th. 71 stations worked in 25 different DXCC.
After some adjustments the aerials could be pointed to the moon. Apart from a broken wattmeter all had survived the journey well.
It was sure big fun. Conditions were good, at some times we could see 23 stations calling simultaneously Very nice to have the experience of sitting on the other end of the pile up.
Were sure that well work everyone the coming weeks. The tropical conditions changed rapidly, at some times we didnt hear a thing though we knew that there were a lot of callers.
Tomorrow well be back! In the meantime were still able to divide our interests between radio and the brown eyed creatures with long legs (2x V pol), knowing that the less the pile up will become, the more time well spend in the banana bar. Strange that no bananas are being sold there A big firework is now going on near us on the beach. Well go there. Perhaps all this is intended for us celebrating the many QSOs. Well see. QRX now. Will keep you informed.


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