Day 1

Team 3B8EME arrived this morning, May 14th at Mauritius after two long flights without any sleep.
All equipment and luggage came with us. Customs seemed to cause some problems but we managed in our best French to convince the authorities that we have peaceful plans. We tried to explain the reason of our visit but this caused only that the whole staff began to ponder about those three lunatic Dutchmen
Next problem was that we had no license. With help of Jacky 3B8CF all was solved within no time so we have the special call 3B8EME as was promised before.
In the afternoon we began to build up the station in the steamy heat with high humidity. We worked s l o w . However we still need a few hours tomorrow in order to be sure all systems go without any threat that LNAs will explode spontaneously.
So, everything is OK. Only one problem might occur. We already experienced the benefits of this paradise. White beaches, nice cold beers and beautiful brown eyed creatures with long legs. However we have to do our job for the EME community. A difficult struggle


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