From May 9th until may 21th 2015 PA3CEE and PE1L will be active from Malawi on moonbounce.
The call will be 7Q7EME and the locator is KH77ap.

144.134 MHz
2 x 8 element cross yagi, good power by ITALAB,
432.090 MHz
23 el DK7ZB yagi, power by ITALAB
23, 13 and 9 cm
1,5 mtr dish (RFhamdesign)

144 MHz start may 9th till may 14th and 20th till 22nd may
432 MHz may 15th and may 16th

Higher band we will let it know one day before operation.

All dates are UTC dates !!

Some tips to help us to qso with you
  • Please call us when you CAN copy us. No need to have a good decode from us,
  • you will decode us when we call you. usaly you can't decode signals -24 till -31 which are not for you, you see a # indicating we call someone else
  • You don't need stop calling us when we are in QSO with someone else, after a QSO we will call the next station but only if he was TX'ing the period before.
  • Don't hop around, choose a freq to call us and stay there for a while. If you stop TX'ing, listen the next period and then change freq if you want.
  • We will not TX 73, if a QSO is complete by RX'ing 73 from you we call CQ or another station. (QSO is complete if both stations received both calls, a report and one or more R)
  • You need to send 73 after you got our RR, its good to know for us that we can call the next station.
  • We don't have a special station and we can't make more then 10 qso's a hour, it takes patience to qso with us.
  • If you are familiar with the `Lance Procedure` you can call us that way.