PE9DX - Ds. Johan Meezen - Hardware engineer, Gardening, Housekeeping, Security officer, Narrator

I am Johan Meezen got my first callsign, PD0NXQ in 1983, in 1985 upgrade it to PE1LAU and after we could chose our own callsign i got PE9DX. My interest in VHF started when in worked UO5OX in ’85 via Es, I was hooked on DX from that time on! Over the years I was very active with contesting on HF with different groups but mostly at PA3DWD / PA7MM.
Contesting on VHF started a bit earlier at PA0GUS then at PI9A, and now for the last 15 years I am a member of the PI4GN V-U-SHF team. Working EME started for me some 4 years ago, it is the most challenge DX I ever did, because I can only build a very small station at home I was very pleased with the software from K1JT that gave me also the chance to work more DXCC entity’s and squares on 2 meter.

Experience HB0/PE1LAU, 3B8EME, C56EME

Other expeditions