Day0, NEXT

First day on the moon thursday april 11th

Sooner than expected we were ready to point our aerials to the moon.
But there was a power failure from late morning until deep in the afternoon and when the power came back for a few hours it just was there for another couple of hours.
During our moonset we lost power and we dinnered with candlelight's...
So today we only had a few hours power.
So please be aware of the fact that power in Ghana is not guaranteed...
We could make 33 QSO's this first day.
On Friday april 12th we hope we can be QRV from moonrise to moonset.
144.134 MHz, 9G5EME always first

Log is online at

73 Atleticoteam
Eltje PA3CEE, PE9DX Johan and PE1L Rene


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