PE1L - René Hasper - Software engineer, WSJT Decode specialist, Cook 'with local ingredients', Chief 'internet in the bush'

Profession: Senior software programmer
License since: 1984
Previous callsigns: PD0OID and PE1LCH

Experience 3A/PE1LCH, F/PE1LCH, PJ4EME, JW5E, 5Z4EME, PI4EME, 3B8EME and PI9CAM

After i got my 144MHz dxcc-award (no19) i was thinking to do something back for the eme world. After Bonaire as PJ4EME (273 qso's), Svalbard as JW5E (150 qso's), Kenya as 5Z4EME (282 qso's) and Mauritius (340 qso's) i will be qrv from The Gambia.
And there are still more destinations on my 'list'

Other expeditions