Day 2

Second day in sunny Africa.
Finally we are on air! And we are doing a fine job.
But as usual we had to struggle with some problems. A relay was not functioning well and after some modifications we could switch in a proper way. Hurray!
Very interesting Ground Gain here. The moon rises at a certain point and the first one and a half hour (up to 20 degrees) we experienced a superb GG with several nice lobes. We have Ground Gain over the river The Gambia and the Atlantic Ocean all the way untill Senegal.
The next 3 hours the azimuth did not change and we only had to elevate in a rapid way.
Than the moon goes clockwise 10 degrees and how surprising the moon went suddenly counter clockwise over north! Than eventually the last 4 hours until moonset she stays at the same azimuth going down in a straight vertical line.
Yes we knew on forehand off course that the moon has this behaviour, but knowing is one thing, experiencing is even more a thrill!
We never experienced this phenomenon in Europe or on the other places in Africa/South America or above the arctic circle…..
Our moonset has also excellent Ground Gain. We worked our first single yagi station and a lot of two yagi stations. We do not complain!
This second day in beautiful The Gambia, being the first day on the moon, brought a lot of contacts (83 initials, not bad!) and even with smaller ones as mentioned above. Knowing that the condx will improve we are very anxious to see what next week will brng us. We are ready for it.


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