Day 1

We already had to struggle with some problems. The first problem rose in Amsterdam airport.
Our tickets and the main laptop were left behind in the taxi. After a deep search (DS!!) we could locate the tickets and get them brought back just in time.
The second problem was when we arrived at Banjul airport, the Gambia. The customs took all our equipment from us. We could not import our stuff and they argued that our license was not OK, we should arrange a special letter from the Ministry and pay a lot of tax. We talked for about two hours and finally we could take all with us without paying a cent extra…
It was 35 degrees C and all the stress made our first hours not very happy.
This morning we erected the aerials and whe started to make the shack. The third problem was that the door to the shack couldn’t be opened so we had no opportunity to work on.
The fourth problem was that we were picked out in a road block for some reason and we only could leave after some payments.
This is Africa!
We have to improvise a lot. Electricity is not good and save (no ground). We are working on it day and night.
We will continue building up tomorrow and we plan to be QRV with our moonrise.


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