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  • Epilogue
    by Team

    Yesterday, the Sint Maarten/ St Martin team dismantled the PJ7/PE1L station. Today we will fly home and we will arrive the day after.
    Within one hour the Antenna system was down and finally we could use our dreamhouse for its intended purpose, relaxing at the pool.
    While swimming around we discussed the pro and cons of the expedition and going QRV from two different countrys. Even new places were discussed.
    In the afternoon we took a short sightseeing tour around the island by car and we got rid of the rocks we used to weight down the tripods.
    Some of the team members fell asleep, two weeks with not more then 2 or 3 hours a day sleep takes his toll.

    Total results for the PJ7 trip are:
    215 inits on 144 MHz (two moonpasses)
    27 inits on 432 MHz (one moonpass)
    58 inits on 1296 MHz
    14 inits at 2320 MHz (with very high qrm from wifi and GSM)
    We made CW QSO`s on each band except 2320MHz.
    WAC in one moonpass at 144 MHZ.

    Total results for the TO2EME trip are:
    346 inits on 144 MHz (two moonpasses).
    24 inits on 432 MHz (one moonpass)
    73 inits on 1296 MHz
    20 inits at 2320 MHz
    We made CW QSO`s on each band.

    Ending up with 777 unique inits per station per band per country.

    About sponsoring:
    All sponsors for FS/PJ7 expedition will be mentioned on the website sponsorgage
    All stations who do send extra money with QSL card will be mentioned on this page as well (10$ or more)

    About QSL:
    All QSL wil go via PE1L and we kindly ask you to keep in mind that if you want QSL from both countries and for more bands that you include enough to cover the costs.
    An order for QSL cards will go out soon, based on earlier experience with the printer this can take some time, so have patience.
    We have also a Online QSL request system, after validate your details in our log you can order a (free) bureau card or a direct card (free for sponsors)
    You can see your QSL status on the log page
    If you do a logsearch, you can see if you are in the log, if your card is received, and if our card is send to you.
    If you have a non confirmed QSO with PE1L, PE1LWT or PA3FPQ please send your card with the card for the expedition.

  • Arrived at PJ7 Sint Maarten
    by Team

    We did start our PJ7 moonbounce activity on schedule.

    Our day started with disassembling the antennas, a short lunch, packing all our stuff and transport to the other house--a penthouse on a 6 floor building. At 1600 local we arrived there and we did quickly setup the 1296 MHz station at the roof and the shack at the stairs to the roof. Shortly after moonrise we saw the first station. After 2 hours the band went silent and we decided to get some sleep. It was a long and exhausting day. After a few hours we were back for the VK JA window. We ended with 31 inits in the log on 1296. We got huge echos so the dish seems to work again.

    Today we will see if we can set up the 144 MHz station on the roof. We have some challenges. The washer/dryer is connected to 220 volt (all other is 110 volt) and we could not find a plug for it in the local hardware store. Our PA at 144MHz is running at 220 volt so we have to find a solution. Next thing is the high wind here at to roof.
    We can see the ocean in both directions thats nice, but we don`t inspect ground gain we are simply to high for that.

    Next moonpass 2320/2304 MHz and 144 MHz.
    We have moonrise 30 October at 0030 (both UTC!)

    PJ7/PE1L team

    PS log is online and Online QSL Request System is working.
    First pictures of PJ7 location are at the website, we wil add some more later
  • Update from the West Indies
    by Team

    Yesterday we did 1296 MHz and 144 MHz again

    At 1296 MHz the score is 73 initials, much more then we expected. The highligt was KL7UW, at 0354 utc Ed had a good signal and his signal was close to where we expected him, just 16.34 hz from our (calculated) echo. At 0358 the qso was logged with signal strengt -22 while the moon was at AZ 191 at our place, if we divide the AZ with the temperature of our pool (20.4 degrees at 2200 local) and multiply that with the Elevation at Eds side (9.5) we found Eds Azimuth (89.4) isnt that amazing !!

    At 144 MHz we have now 296 inits.

    In the afternoon we visited our favorite French resaturant, nothing fancy plastic chairs at the sidewalk but amazing good food.
    Serge VE1KG and his wife Francaise, who are at vacation at the island, did pay us a visit. After a short inspection he saw all was OK and did left the scene.


    the next moonpass is our last moonpass from TO2EME and we hope to add some more stations.
    The pile up is not that big anymore and some small stations did make it in the log yesterday, down to a single 8 elements station.
    Our next moonpass will start at October 27th at 2300 (time and date UTC) end ends at our moonset (For JA VK ZL) around October 28th 1015 UTC.
    We will be at N0UK logger.

    Saint Martin team

    Log is online and Online QSL Request System is working, see under tab QSL
  • Update from the West Indies
    by Team

    Yesterday we did 2320 MHz and 144 MHz again
    The EU pileup at 144 MHz was not that big anymore.
    At 2320 MHz the score is 20 initials, much more then we expected.
    At 144 MHz we have now 235 inits, there is place for a few more.

    After a broken night we started to change feed for 2320 MHz and build up the station (outside at the porch) after some sunmeasurements we were happy and did go out for some seightseeing and a late lunch.
    We ended up in a Creool restaurant at the beach, we where not in a hurry it was 3 hours before moonrise.
    Time is a relative concept in the West Indies, after more one hour we got a little bit nervous and we started to ask what happened with our order, the waitress seems more surprised then we were. After some discussion and another half an hour 3 of us got what we ordered, grilled chicken, French fries and rice with beans. Rene had to wait a bit more as he got twice the same wrong plate served. We did eat in a hurry and after spectacular drive from Johan, yes he adapted the local drivestyle, we were just in time for moonrise.
    After a CQ at 13cm the first stations were heard and seen. For 144 MHZ it did take some more time before we hit the moon.

    For 144 MHz
    Our next moonpass will start for us at October 26th at 2300 (time and date UTC) end ends at our moonset (For JA VK ZL) around October 27th 0515 UTC
    We will be at N0UK logger.

    For 1296 MHz
    Till now 64 stations made it in the 1296 log, CW and JT65c.
    We can work stations with at least 3 meter dish and 100 watt.
    We will start October 26th at 2245 UTC at 1296.090 till October 27th 0400 UTC (EU USA window)
    And October 27th 0800 UTC till moonset 0930 (JA VK KL7 window)
    We are at HB9Q logger, if we dont call CQ pse send us a request there.

    TO2EME team
  • Update from Saint Martin
    by Team

    Yesterday we did do 1296 MHz and 144 MHz again
    The EU pileup at 144 MHz is big, even with the antennas in the wet tropical trees they seems to hear us (we do hear less)

    At 1296 MHz the score is now 64 initials, some highlights are TI2AEB LU1CGB. We were surprised by the huge amount of stations, we dreamed

    about 50 QSO`s and we still have one moonpass to go!
    At 144 MHz the score after 2 moonpasses is 172 stations in all continents, some highlights are KL7UW FW5JJ LU7FA ZL3NW EA8TJ.

    A dinner for one of next days is sponsored by generous 432 MHz station from The Netherlands, how nice! he must have been happy to qso with us.

    Our next moonpass will start for us at October 25 at 2200 (time and date UTC).
    We will do 144.134 MHz and 2320.090 MHz (we can RX for 2304.090 at request at HB9Q logger)

    TO2EME team

    Log is online and Online QSL Request System is working, see under tab QSL
    We uploaded some pictures and a video, see under tab Media
  • Update from Saint Martin
    by Team

    Yesterday we did 432 MHz and 1296MHz

    The dish is running well, we heard lots of didddle doodle and dits & dots over the pool last moonpass and we ended up with 46 inits at 1296 MHz (CW and WSJT).
    At 432 MHz 24 stations made it in the log.
    After European moonset we had a hard time with not much stations calling us so we decided to take a nap as our moonset is blocked by trees and a gardenhouse.

    Those morning we woke up and after a small breakfast (petit dejeuner) we disassenbled 432 MHz yagi and put 144 MHz back in the system.
    After all was ok for the next moonpass we went to a small French village and had a good lunch there, home cooked Lassagna and Boeuf bourguignon.

    Our next moonpass will start for us at October 24 at 2100 (time and date UTC).
    We will do 144.134 MHz and 1296.090 MHz.
  • First day at the moon
    by Team

    We did start our moonbounce activity on schedule.

    First was the remarkable 70cm CW QSO with Jan DL9KR. Jan is now 80 years old and will celebrate that with his children and grandchildren. He could not be QRV during our planned 432 MHz day, so we gave him a birthday present.
    Then we made a tropo contact with Guadaloupe, FG4KH, with good signals. After moonrise we had to wait untill we saw the moon, we have trees at moonrise and moonset, for moonrise we need at least 20 degrees and moon set is 15 degrees.

    Our 23cm station was ready earlier than we expected and announced. We decided to give it a try the results were very promising (12 JT and 1 CW qso). First station was OK1DFC at 23cm, he came through the trees before a 144 MHz signal
    was seen. After that one after the other came in the log. Condx were not that great and next to that it took some time before we found the moon at 144 MHz. We ended with 97 stations in the log, not that bad.

    Till now we have not had much time to do anything other than recovering from jetlag and building antenneas for 3 bands in the hot and humid wheather in the Caribbean. The only thing we saw was a pizza restaurant and a grocery store.
    After we have seen the prices, we skipped dinner last night and we ended up with some K5QE homemade sandwiches behind the radio`s. One thing we can look forward is that our friend Serge VE1KG will visit the Island sunday (after we did
    qso with him yesterday) and who knows if he will bring us some food--we did locate a BBQ on the property.

    Our next moonpass will start for us at October 23 at 2030 (time and date UTC). We will do 432 MHz and 1296 MHz. If you have both bands, look for us at 432 Mhz first as we have only 1 moonpass on 432 MHz and more moonpasses at 1296 MHz

    TO2EME team

    PS log is online and Online QSL Request System is working.
  • Arrived
    by Team

    Update from Saint Martin

    Tuesday October 20th we arrived in Saint Martin. We had no problems with the flight or customs. We are very glad!

    We arrived in the house and all looks good except trees and mountain, tomorrow we will start setup the antenna systems.
    The temperature is high and humidity makes it not easy so building up will be slow, but we try to do our best to start thuersday as we announced.

    Will be continued….
  • QSL to TO2EME and PJ7/PE1L
    by Team

    We have a custum made Online QSL Request System at our website. After a logsearch you can have your QSO date, time, band verified with our logbook. After that you can choose to receive a card via the buro or direct. So no need to send your QSL, enveloppe and returnpostage.

    So 4 ways to QSL.
    1 `Normal` direct QSL to our adress
    2 OQRS buro card (No need to send cards via the buro to us)
    3 OQRS direct card (free for sponsors)
    4 LOTW confirmation (for sponsors and at request)

    For each kind of QSL request you can find the status of your QSL at the logsearch page.
    There you can see your QSO/QSL status, You are in the log, Your QSL received, Your Online QSL request is received, Our QSL sent to you.
  • Expedition in progress
    by Team

    From October 22nd till November 1st we will be QRV from Saint Martin and Sint Maarten. These are two separate DXCC`s,
    Callsign at Saint Martin (DXCC FS) will be TO2EME.
    Callsign at Sint Maarten (DXCC PJ7) will be PJ7/PE1L
    For both places the locator is FK88kb.

    Both accomodations are booked, tickets are bought, TO2EME licence is received, a car is booked, transport for extra luggage is aranged, so everything is on schedule.

    It was hard to find a good QTH at both sides of the island. On the French side there are some trees around us, we hope they will not effect our moon windows too much.
    On the Dutch side we will setup the antennas on a roofgarden. We did look for a place with good take off not only for moonrise for Europe but also moonset for JA VK ZL etc.

    The equipment at 144 MHz and 432 MHz is the same as 7Q7EME.
    At 1296 and 2320 MHz we will have a 1.8 meter portable dish with OK1DFC feed and full tracking, building is in progress see TAB media
    Talking about website, the schedule for each band, its slightly changed see EME
    New is that we have Online QSL Request System, its even free for our sponsors.

    Doing EME in the Carribbean is not cheap. There are big costs, we would like to thank our sponsors (donations are more than welcome) sponsor

    73 K5QE, PA3FPQ, PE1LWT and PE1L
  • Saint Martin
    by Team

    We are happy to announce a VHF/UHF Dxpedition to Saint Martin and Sint Maarten
    73 Rene, PE1L Johan, PA3FPQ Jurgen, PE1LWT Marshalll, K5QE