Day 2

April 13th after breakfast at the pool we decided to build the station, why wait longer.
We were ready before noon and we did make a tropo qso in wsjt with PJ4X as a first PJ2<>PJ4
Then we did get moonrise at 1900 utc, we inspected that our moonrise was bad because banana trees  but we did not know it was that bad. The
first hour we did not see much. Later that evening while we went out for a take away, yes we eat while operating, we saw a mountain behind the trees.
So we need 15 degrees moon on our moonrise Once the moon was over the hill and we did find him, no visible moon, no rotor just some ropes and stones and a compass and the famous
Lidill spirit level, our  screen was full with station.
In the next hours we made 80 inits with several 2 yagi and 1 one yagi station. Our first qso was with DK3BU, we were happy to give Harm a nice birthday present.
Tomorrow April 14th we will start at 25 degrees moon on our moonrise aprox 2130 utc at freq 144114.
At moonset we loose the moon at 8 degrees with a peak of groundgain at 10 degrees, we think it will be the last change for JA so we will be qrv.


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