Day 1

Good news from Curacao

Today the european teammembers Jurgen PE1LWT, Rene PE1L and Johan PA3FPQ traveled to Curacao while Pter PJ4NX did stay on Bonaire.
With a little delay the plane landed on Curacao and all luggage came through the custums and all seems to be in good condition. (no time to check all)
When arrived at the house we could see the results of the heavy rain lately here in Curacao.
Lot of water arround the house so we decided to put on our swimsuit for a little dip, pse notice we did not see the see or beach on Bonaire because the hard on the antennasystem.
Now the moonrise is later on the day we have some spare time to spent on pleassure.
The rented cottage is not excactly what we had in mind when we booked it a few months ago but we will handle it.i.e. the icecream picture on the menucard is not the same as the one beeing served.
Tomorrow (april 13th) we will starting to build up the station. All we we can say is that we need al least 10 degrees on moonset and moonrise. We do our best to be qrv as soon as possible

Call will be PJ2/PE1L, locator FK52vc And freq is planned to be 144124 (keep an eye on N0UK logger and for last minute freq change because birdy's)
We will update the log every day after moonset and we try to put some photos and video's but the internet connection is expensive.


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