PE1L - René Hasper

Profession: Senior software programmer
License since: 1984
Previous callsigns: PD0OID and PE1LCH

Experience PJ4EME, JW5E, 5Z4EME, PI4EME and 3B8EME After I got my 144MHz DXCC-award (Nr 19) I was thinking to do something back for the EME world. After Bonaire as PJ4EME (273 qso's), Svalbard as JW5E (150 qso's), Kenya as 5Z4EME (282 qso's) and Mauritius as 3B8EME (340 qso's) I decided to return to Bonaire after it became a new DXCC. And there are still more destinations on my 'list'

Other expeditions