• PA3FPQ, Johan
    Profession: Contractmanager
    Licensed since: 1980
    Experience: ZA/PA2CHR and ZA/PE1LWT, LX/PA3FPQ, 4O3A, T70A, PJ4X, PJ2/PE1L and 4U1ITU.
    PI9CM member.
    In 2009 I got my DXCC (nr. 39) on 144MHz.
  • PE1LWT, Jurgen
    Profession: Entrepreneur
    Licenced : since 1987
    Experience: 4U1ITU, 3A/PE1LWT
    T98LWT, J45M, ZA/PE1LWT, LX/PE1LWT, 4O3A, T70A, PJ4X, PJ2/PE1L.
  • PE1L, Rene
    Profession: Software programmer
    License since: 1984
    Experience: PJ4EME, JW5E, 5Z4EME, PI4EME, 3B8EME C56EME, PJ4X, PJ2/PE1L, PI9CAM, 4U1ITU, EY8ZF, 5X1EME, 9G5EME and 9X0EME.
    DXCC-award (no19) and WAS.